CTA Education System: Developing Innovative Youth Through Fine Art 

The exclusive art educational system in US Fine Art Education Center is called CTA–Comprehensive Training in Art. Instead of unstructured, recreational after-school drawing skill training, our innovative, systematic curriculum focuses on developing child’s creativity, self-confidence, intellectual inspiration, and aesthetic culture. Our goal is to develop intellectual youth through art education and help them develop the most desired ability in society—Creative thinking.

After 20 years of development, the “CTA” education system has integrated the wisdom of generations of professionals and experts in the field. Through rigorous scientific research, we have created a curriculum that combines the essence of western and eastern education. The evidence is shown through our graduates’ extraordinary work, their acceptance into the country’s top universities, and the scholarships they receive from these universities. The extraordinary admitted rate among our students reveals the successful outcome CTA education system has provided all these years.

When kids first start learning how to paint, we feel that it is critical to build up their perception. It is one of the most precious moments when kids can have a “spark” in art. We value their sparks and make sure they have the ability to work beyond a single drawing. Teachers at U.S. Fine Art are required to be highly sensitive to upcoming, talented youth and aim to inspire them to go farther. Students’ imagination and creativity evolve and eventually this creativity becomes a benefit throughout their lives.

As art educators, it is our duty to educate innovative talents and benefit more and more kids. CTA is significant to this era of education for breaking traditional boundaries, and going beyond the constraints of fine art to apply creativity to all fields.

Our goal is to develop intellectual youth through art education and help them develop the most desired ability in society Creative thinking. Instead of unstructured, recreational after-school drawing programs (ie. drawing skill training), our art classes (ie. our innovative, systematic curriculum) focuses on developing child’s creativity, self-confidence, intellectual inspiration, and aesthetic culture.

Looking back, US Fine Art Education Center exclusive CTA education system has meet the following standard:

  1. Revolutionary change in youth art education. Have high mission awareness in “New innovative mode of education”. We put in many resources and eventually build a new education system.
  2. This method transforms the unstructured, recreational art class into a new, more advanced, and scientific way of educating the youth. This systematic education focuses on building students intellectual, art perception, creativity and confidence.
  3. Breakthrough in teaching, researching and management. Make a great contribution to improve local (Los Angeles area in the U.S.) art education.

Ever since 1996, US Fine Art Education Center has been teaching generations of students. Most of them admitted by their ideal universities and some even earn high amount of scholarship. This verifies the power of CTA to children. Thus, US Fine Art Education Center as a regional art institution earns its educational reputation all over the world.




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Faculty Team

Teachers help students complete the nice-looking copys without building any ground knowledge or perspectives are NOT good teachers.

It is the easiest strategy to teach kids copy good pictures, because to finish this good-looking drawing doesn’t require teachers to know anything about education. Anyone who knows little about art could accomplish that without class preparation. However this way of teaching cannot meet the standard of art education. Parents wouldn’t know their kids are losing the chance to develop their independent art perspectives. This is the failure in art education.

But what should art educators do under this common circumstance? US Fine Art Education Center follows the faith in all art educators and want to make a better future for kids. Even it is a long-term process and sometimes it cannot be understood by parents.

US Fine Art Education Center has a very strict hiring process for teachers. We insist:

  1. Teacher employment is a long strict process: we hire the ones passed training, selection and tests.
  2. After we offer the employment, teachers still need to improve their qualification by passing our annual tests and training.
  3. We don’t allow unqualified teachers to teach kids only copy good-looking pictures.

Our faculty team in US Fine Art Education Center is strictly selected from all interviewed professional art teachers. They have both eastern and western education backgrounds; they have the ability of research and study, and as a result develop innovative curriculum base on advanced art education theories. They are artists from different areas of the world such as United States, Mainland China, Taiwan, Hongkong, etc.; they are youth education expert from UCLA; they are animation designers from Disney; they are graphic designers and proud alumni from famous art school. This is a dynamic faculty team with the passion in education and art.

Teachers in US Fine Art Education Center are not only professional artists but experts in youth psychology too. Our goal is to develop individual’s potential and train students both drawing skill and intellectual. These are important components in youth development, but unfortunately many teachers don’t pay attention to that.

We are devoted to help kids become future competitive innovative talents through art. Under school’s standard teaching structure, teachers develop individual teaching plan according to student’s individualistic; each level classes are this faculty team’s elaboration. Students keep learning for years in US Fine Art Education Center eventually admitted by their ideal universities.

Good teachers bring up the best students. Teachers quality effect students’ future. It is the similar idea that parents always want best institutions for their children from day-care all the way to universities.

In youth art education, there are some mistakes can really jeopardize future development. When we confront key matters, the quality of teacher could bring a total different result.